Sunday, February 14, 2010

Zorn palette....a comp of a few past works

Discussing the Zorn palette on Wetcanvas...just
thought I'd share some old works I did. As a
painter I have my preferred palette and manner,
but as an educator/arts instructor...I feel an
obligation to try and experiment. I don't as a
rule paint with black on my palette...some might
be surprised I haven't used black in my gouache
works yet...though a number of paintings done on
a black support. Yet I mix my darks.

The Anders Zorn palette consists of yellow ocre,
red, black and white. The black of Zorn's day
had a greater content of blue in it than blacks
today I add about 1/3rd by volume Fr.
Ultramarine Blue to black when I play with the
Zorn palette. I have shared this palette with a
number of artists in the past..and my son Jason
took this palette to a whole other height, as he
did with the split-complementary palette...

Here's just a few examples resulting from my play
with it...(and yes...I cheated a little, let's say 
artistic license...when I added a touch of blue to
the woodduck hen's primary feathers).

Clicking on image will bring up a slightly larger


Michael Chesley Johnson said...

Great work, Larry! As you know, I've been using black lately, too, and I find it's a great addition to the palette - when used with caution.

Larry said...

I think we're all trying to touch beauty and express its touch upon our aesthetic souls. IF some can use black and express well, how can anyone argue!

IF truth be told...I would say most paintings I see black used don't connect with my eye, the artists using it poorly. On the other hand, if black is used well... the viewer is really not aware of it, only the beauty expressed. A true sign then of mastery! Certainly a venture worth understanding and taking command of.

Thanks Michael