Saturday, February 13, 2010

10"x 8" gouache- Bear Tooth Creek

This, believe it or my largest gouache todate...
and if interested, I go into quite a bit of thinking on
painting this one, composing, answering some questions
by artists, and a six step three second interval gif
animation at  Just follow my link here-
Bear Tooth Creek

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Tim Jones said...

This is just so nice. I can almost hear the gurgle of the creek.
I like the first thing you wrote under the reference photo. "as you paint, you'll see and observe more, but this is no excuse to paint more!"
I sure appreciate being able to see someone do this so well.

JRonson said...

Wow nice paintin, great colors really :o nice job

billspaintingmn said...

Larry! I enjoy the cool shadow part of the water.
Then it "pops" into sun light!
the play of light is fantastic.
Very good!

SEILER said...

This is awesome Dad, and I really like the other recent posts below . . . solid paintings . . . amazing!

xavier ieri said...

Hi Larry,
As your son Jason said, a solid painting.

What I found most amazing in this painting is the shadow family, I mean the light and the atmosphere in the shadows.
They are simply amazing.

You are a true teacher.

Lots of painters try to make money in the www, selling bits of information, sometimes they have almost nothing relevant to give in exchange.
But you Larry are altruistically giving away, for free, tutorials, professional lessons, valuable tips and hints and so on.

A very generous man.

People like you sure make the world a better place.


Larry Seiler said...

thanks Tim, JR, Bill....Jason!!

Thanks Xavier...
In fairness, I get opportunity to teach here and there legitimate workshops, sell a few books...and perhaps need to be more business conscious, is a gift, painting a privilege, beauty found and expressed so pure to our spirits...


Celeste Vaught said...

Absolutely sparkles with light Larry! Delicious "slices" of juicy color. I think gouache really suits your painting style very nicely.