Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cty R Sunset Farm...NE Wisconsin 4"x 8" gouache

Painted on black drawing paper, this is a farm scene typical of late day last light in NE Wisconsin in the fall...a wonderful time to be out and about outdoors.

4"x 6" gouache-

I have created a .gif animation of the stages of this painting, start to finish which you can see using this link- Cty R Farm animation

Click on image to see larger view...


Teri C said...

It's so beautiful and shimmering with light.
Question: why did you use black paper when I don't see any black?

Thanks for always being so inspiring and sharing. I am learning a lot from you.

Larry said...

painting color against a white background...even the slight sense of warmth in the color will read as warm, that is...compared to the cool color of white doesn't take much. Then later you find yourself tweaking color to build its sense of chroma strength back. with oils, I like to use a complementary color to the predominant present color to paint on. I've been playing with the black a bit...some for fun, some as experiment...but, it allows me to focus on my purpose of painting to begin with is to register the effects of light. A white canvas helps transparent paint pick up that glow...but I paint fairly opaque anyway. The white of the canvas however means you won't sense the drama of light til much of the canvas is filled in. I get an immediate feedback, an immediate sense of the drama with light against a darker, or neutral ground.

I could go on...but I think that's the essence of much of it..

Teri C said...

That makes a lot of sense. As I think about when I paint with watercolor I can see what you mean. Thank you.

SEILER said...

Amazing use if color Dad . . . love the brush work as well!

Larry said...

thanks Jason...
have a good flight...and take pics!

billspaintingmn said...

Hi Larry! Just found your blog.
Read your profile, and saw the animation clip.
This just kicks my butt! I love this!
I paint with guoashe, but never on a black background.
I must try this!
I also paint in oils & watercolor.
Anyway..I've saved you to my favorites, your informative, educational, and a strong inspiration, Thanks Larry!
(I thought I recognised the name,
I've seen Jasons art too!)
Very cool you guys! :)

Larry said...

nice to make your acquaintance here Bill, thanks for pipin' in...never know who is reading along, and one hopes thoughts from a life spent painting can inspire and help others as one enters more the autumn of their years, I suppose...

Jason's a great extremely hard, meets deadlines and pays the consequences with lack of sleep or whatever is necessary. Art directors can depend on that, like that...and with Jason, they get exceptional art to boot!

take care...peace