Saturday, October 24, 2009

Open House- Arts "Happening" in Wisconsin North Woods!

We held our first end of season culminating event,
open house at Tim and Connie Friesen's beautiful
Wabeno historic lumber baron's home. Eight artists
representing batik, welded sculpture, floor coverings,
poetry, plein air, paintings, and rugs...with work
set up in three rooms. Art literally everywhere!

The photo above shows artists and friends relaxing
after the event, excited about how things went, very
well attended. The event continues tomorrow,

Here in this next photo, you see the wonderful floor
scapes or coverings of Connie Friesen...and the room
beyond I was set up playing guitar for most of the

Check out Connie's floor scapes/coverings

1 comment:

Kyle Martin said...

Looks like a solid event, good times. This is the sort of thing that makes life special. Kudos to you for being an instrumental part of this (no pun intended).