Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gouache...Forest Edge.. 4"x 8"

image- 4"x 8"

Too rainy to sit in my tree stand tonight, not
that I'm whoosie...but very hard and frustration
to track, took a few photos and
opted to paint this simple gouache tonight, of
a forest's edge.

Thought I'd show the steps, from block-in using
an acid free mat board for my paint support, to
the finishing steps...

Click on images to see larger view...


Tim Jones said...

Love the oil like look you get in your gouache. Nice one.

René PleinAir. said...

Aaah here the info, ...

Again wonderful, Tim is right you let it look soo oily like.

Larry said...

thanks Tim, Rene...
I know even with the speed that gouache allows for, that some tremendous rendering is possible; myself, I'm taking advantage of its immediacy which complements my use of oil I think.

SEILER said...

Dang this is cool! Awesome!

Larry said...


xavier ieri said...

Hi Larry,
I've not been here since you remodelate this website (the bear thing).
Today I came back here and... I really am atonished by your gouache paintings.
To be honest, I think you have just found your medium: Gouache.
René said that your gouache looks so oily like.
But I think your gouache looks like TRUE gouache.
I never painted in gouche.
Because... Im afraid of that medium I guess.
And sometimes It looks chalky and... I dont know.
And I've seen Erik Tiemens fabulous gouaches mixed with watercolours or Ray Balkwills paintings in that mixed media (watercolor, gouache and pastel).
But when I just saw your gouaches I was amazed.
You treat gouache like gouache.
About your oil paintings, I allways thought there is something "wrong" with that oil paintings :)
And now I know what it is: You paint in oils in a very gouachy way!
Im excited to the point of trying to paint in gouache.
Will you please let us know some reference and tutorial books or dvd's or so on that subject.
Or would you be so kind as to tell us some tips and hints?
Thnak you very much

Larry said...

thanks Xavier..
well...I suppose everyone has their opinion. I often premise my opinions on art forums with the saying, "opinions are bit like armpits. Everyone has at least two, and most stink!"

That way...I have no problem anyone dismissing my thoughts and I feel freer to give them. hahaa..

I guess I wouldn't say anything is "wrong" per se with my oils. I've done well with them the past 15 years, and my professional career started off painting acrylics the first 17 years which build a reputation.

Paint is paint...and one medium lends to one set of pros and cons, another medium another.

With oils...there is fine rendering and blending or there is alla prima brushstroke laid is a brushstroke stayed. I've done well selling a book on that concept, and teaching workshops.

Oils remain my fascination, though I been told too that acrylics are my medium. I've got a 30 year familiarity with them...but oils continue to catch my fancy.

I can't really say I have any reference or tutorials to turn you on to as regards gouache. I am relying on my experience working with wet mediums such as watercolors, acrylics and even casein...but also concepts of working with oils.

But...I'm relying on experience just painting to forge my own way, following my gut hunches.

As for tips and hints...I have posted a number of steps on in the Gouache and Casein forum...but, I'll probably have to do more of these to feel I have something significant to teach that is patently specifically lending in particular to gouache. So far, it is my experience painting in general that has carved these out...



Larry said...

I did just receive a Moleskine watercolor paper sketchbook that I'll be using for gouache studies. My son uses Moleskine quite a, that should be interesting for me...

xavier ieri said...

Hi Larry,
My comment meant a profound respect for the man and for the artist.
Sometimes when you open your window in the morning you open your arms and say: "Ah! What a lovely morning".
Thats what happend to me when I saw your gouches.

"I guess I wouldn't say anything is "wrong" per se with my oils. "

Of course not.
That was a joke just to conclude that You paint in oils in a very gouachy way, meaning you gouches are awesome.

I will look your posts on Wetcanvas.

And Larry, when you feel you have something significant to teach why not put it on a form of a book?
There is not much books out there on gouache specifically.
And gouche looks perfect: easy to carry (only needs water), nothing hazardous, you can use a variety of supports, dont ruin your brushes, if paint dries you only need to add water and it get fresh again.
And keeps one from being too fussy I guess, as it can happend with oils more easily.



Larry said...


I have one book out, check out my category link "Instructionals" and a short video of it can be watched about two posts scrolled down.

I'm working my second book, a soft cover...on "Learning to Paint Painterly Realism" and perhaps one chapter will focus on mediums themselves. Another reason that for the past couple years I've been experimenting and pushing, trying various things...and intentionally getting out of my routine, my comfort zone.

Thanks Xavier...appreciate the comments here...

Sharon said...

Hi Larry: I too have been playing around with all watermedia and also with oils 'en plein air'. I just about fell off my chair when I saw your gouache paintings! FANTASTIC!! One question: I have worked with gouache but am perplexed by it as it dries SO much darker, when I want to go back into a dry portion, I can only guess if the colour/value will be correct, so I often have to repaint the entire shape, which is offputting to say the least! Any suggestions on how to deal with this?
Sharon Lynn Williams
(PS I am a fellow signature member of IPAP -look me up if you like)