Sunday, August 02, 2009

Oconomowoc Plein Air event...results

16"x 20" Cty K- Farm

14"x 11" oil- Maxim's- Dining Out!

9"x 12" oil-- nocturne (painted at midnight) E. Washington St

14"x 18" oil- "Porticello"

Had another week that will make summer feel like a
blur come return to teaching this fall, much fun...met some very fine artists, even better persons. Always restores my faith in the good nature of people to spend time with artists I meet at these events. Good to put faces to those I've known online...and make new friends. The event brought 82 artists this year together over the course of a week's time...canvasing the broader Oconomowoc, Wisconsin area...painting their hearts out thru sun, drizzle, heat...coolness, you name it. Myself, I had come down following other event commitments, so really had only two days of paint time, but believe I gave it my best shot. Unfortunately, came up short this year on any awarding from judging, and no sales...but that puts me in a broader camp with many others as well, and its just how that goes. As they say, "next year!"
Each artist must pick two of their works of the week's effort that they frame and enter into the competition end of this. I chose to enter mine as indicated...and as always, clicking on the image will bring up a larger view...


Jason Seiler said...

These are great Dad, I especially like the barn painting and the loud color in the Porticello painting!

Larry said...

thanks Jason...that color is fun to see in architecture and quite common to Italy and Greek cultures, which made painting this European style building so fun for me...