Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Ducks Unlimited...Redheads Oil Paintng

The painting was well received the evening of the Ducks
Unlimited banquet, and as I would find out...the revealing
of this work was only a tease, as the larger corporate banquet
of October the 8th is the actual event this one will be auctioned
off. Hoping it will do well for DU...

18"x 24" oil...finished, see steps below...to be donated to
Ducks Unlimited on August the 20th. Click on image to see

This painting I've just completed for Ducks Unlimited, and will be the host/featured artist at a banquet on August 20th...to be auctioned off, monies going toward habitat management, acquisition and so forth.

Depicting a scene of Longtail...from a blind on the bay of Green Bay, fond for many many years by myself and friends that hunt waterfowl on the bay. I will be depicting divers...Redheads, winging in and checking out decoys. Stay tuned for more!
- - -

August 6th-
Two days of restoring, cleaning and painting three signs
for the township yesterday and today...each 8'x 12' and
greet visitors are our three entree ways into the town.
Having finished, I wanted to get started on the ducks.
Very difficult to get a decent picture, about 11:30pm here,
and I'll probably retake tomorrow where I can set the
work up outdoors...but, I added these two. The ducks are
a bit more silouetted, appearing lighter here..

August 7- Added eight more ducks this afternoon, and some decoys, think'n maybe five more ducks in flight to arrive at the feel and composition I want.


Mahesh Pujari said...

Its awesome.....hats off...

Larry said...

thanks Mahesh...

Jason Seiler said...

Whoa, this turned out great Dad!