Saturday, April 18, 2009

Two Plein air Oils Today...Fumee Falls and Piers Gorge

Beautiful and interesting day. See, the thing about a
waterfalls is that everyone connects to them. The power
of reflection and muse, a very spiritual time...but as I
would discover today....a falls also makes for a very
interesting backdrop for high school prom pictures!!!!

I was set up down nearer to the main falls, about half
done perhaps when teens dressed up began to show
up...and then more, and still more. Soon parents and
grandparents...uncles, and, well you get it!

I pulled my paintbox set up back thinkin' these
photo ops would sure be weird with some guy at the
base of the falls painting! Here, I'm just about
done when this group of girls gather in front for
some pics...

Here's the result of my painting anyway, and had
chance to meet and talk with some nice folks. One
turned out to be a painter as well, and referred to
what I was doing as "plein air!"

8"x 10" Fumee Falls...

To finish off the day, I drove past the Piers Gorge, which
is an exciting part of the Menomonee River that divides
northern Wisconsin from Upper Michigan...and painted
this 10"x 8" oil...

available to purchase...(Contact me...)


Jason Seiler said...

These are great Dad, I especially like the bottom one . . . the color, warm and soft . . .

René PleinAir. said...

It's quite a free interpretation of those lady's I have to say.

But the painting rocks ;-)

Larry Seiler said...

artist's license, Rene...hahahaaa...but oddly, I found it easy!