Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Marsh Grasses Plein Air...wintry slush..Plein Air Oil Painting

9"x 12" oil...on pumice/gesso panel
available to purchase...(Contact me...)

Last week, it was golf in short sleeves, tonight
it was long underwear, a thermal waterfowler's coat,
wool fingerless gloves, two hats, and my winter
boots!!! We got nailed with 6-9 inches of the white
stuff overnight...and one-half hour north of us they
got a foot!!! Yikes. Here you see my truck parked,
and I walked across to paint the same area of marsh
reeds I painted last week...

there was a slushy surface to the water, offering
some nice color of neutrals...hints of greens,
some violets...very lovely...

Here you see my set up, and I'm near finished
at this point. Just to give you an idea of the

On the palette above you see the beauty of oils allowing
work in quite inclement weather. Note the beaded up
water on the palette...as it was a drizzle/sleet for much of
the time painting!

I had to end before I wanted to...as the water was building
up making it a bit more difficult to maneuver about. I'll
look it over and perhaps will take just a bit of small work
on the reeds and then sign it...

As always, clicking on the images brings them up larger.


Mick Carney said...

I particularly like the surface of the water and the reflections you have there. The value variation in the shadow reflections gives a wonderful truthful reading.

Larry said...

thanks Mick...

values were very important...and the darker darks came a bit later. The painting really started singing when I touch a bit of that darker value in, and a bit lighter reflections in the water.

Mary Kay Chicoine said...

Love it. Especially the tones of the reflections.
You make me feel absolutely whimpy when I complain about the cold breezes we have been having here in the SF Bay area.

Larry said...
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Larry said...

Thanks Mary Kay...
Where the elements of the outdoors are concerned, its all relative anyway. What will be found tolerable or just right for you, will be overly warm or cool for someone else living somewhere else. What one gets used to is all..

take care, appreciate the comment