Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Longtail...The Bay...10"x 20" oil painting

Many many fond memories this place brings me...times
spent with the best of friends of my youth, and the
best of friends still. Waterfowl hunting, and
especially the late season divers. Sometimes breaking
twenty yards of ice from the shore to wade out or
bring skiffs. A hundred blocks of decoys or more,
bobbing and forming ice beards from the cold cold
late November winds.

Huddling over a coffee can filled with a roll of
toilet paper and isopropyl alcohol, lit to a blue
flame to keep some sense of warmth. But, when those
big Canadian Greater Scaups or blue bills come wingin' forgets however cold they were. A sight to
see and imagine.

This day here represents a weekend this past fall
hunting with friends, and after finishing the
landscape part of the painting plan on painting in
some of my fondness of ducks. So, this is session one
painted up tonight.

As always, clicking on the image brings up a nicer
larger view...


Joe Kazimierczyk said...

Looks great right now, Larry - I love the simplicity of it. But I am looking forward to seeing where else you take this one.

Larry said...

thanks Joe..

for now, I'll be sketching up a bunch of diver ducks in flight patterns, then for fun, I'll scan the sketches into my computer, isolate them and paste them onto an image of my painting around with visual balance, intrigue and so forth...

I'll share some sketches as they develop, and then when the paint layer is dry, I'll paint 'em up!

thanks much

René PleinAir. said...

Good to see you around again Larry.

Nice also to see that your reflecting a bit,
and together with your new post
take the opportunity to integrate
new stuff into old labour.

Take care!

Ow, a great view it is, you could find those here in Holland as well, well painted indeed.

Larry said...

thanks Rene..
I like getting lost in such places, that settle into the serenity and mood oblivious of so much turmoil in the world...

appreciate the time to comment, thanks