Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dear Friends...and their sudden passing

Sadly...we have lost a dear friend this week, to an auto
accident, whose funeral was today. Elsie...

It smacked my spirit hard how suddenly the laughter,
the joy we know becomes a thing we speak of in past
tense. Together most recently celebrating an evening
of Robert Burns.

I am most fortunate as is my wife to have friends that
come together...artists, historians, teachers...and many
backgrounds perhaps 2-3 times per month to share
dinner, break bread as they say. We will continue to
come together, but one seat will now be empty.

We know that one day we shall all meet again, but I
awoke this morning with an urgency to pen words, grab
my guitar and write a tribute...a benediction for my
friends. Who can say what fates lie ahead(?), and... we
walk this earth lightly. Sojourners passing thru. Tim and Connie, Vince and Siegrun, Pat and Liz, friends Steve ad Mary, Bob...Mike and
Bill, my past band mates still on my heart and mind- Brian,
Carl, Randy...TC...Ron...gee...on and on and good
friend Ted, Joe many, too many to name
them all...well...Couldn't figure out how to embed this
song directly into my blog post, follow this
link...this song dedicated to Elsie...and all my friends.
Hugs and tears out to Wayne especially at this time.
My song- Benedictions For My Friends


René PleinAir. said...

Ow Larry, how sad!

Sorry to hear this, I wish you ALL the best and much strength for the coming time.


The song is breath taking, it made me shiver. I guess everybody had this experience, to say goodbye and to discover that it's for real.

At least it's a goodbye, .... no farewell.

Take your time Larry.

Larry said...

very thoughtful and kind...
thanks Rene

good to have friends..

Ted said...

Good friends are the lifeblood of life.
I value yours my friend.
God Bless you, Thanks,

Jo Castillo said...

Thanks for sharing your tough time with us. This post and song are a beautiful tribute to your friend.

Larry said...

thanks Ted...the value of a person is understood too I suppose by how others miss their absence. It is part of the value of being human and investing in life.

You know I value your friendship very much.

Thanks nice of you to check my blog out every so often, and kind to leave such heart felt regards. Peace

Candy Barr said...

Sorry to have had the tragedy in your circle of friends to create that beautiful and touching song. How nice for the rest of us to be able to hear it. Much comfort in creating music and painting for us.

Larry said...

thanks Candy..
I had the pleasure last night to play the song at our friends home with a good number of people together...and play it for surviving family.

To touch people with one's art, painting or a gift not only to others but even to ourselves. What a privilege...