Monday, December 17, 2007

WIP...40"x 50" Winter Tree & Ruffed Grouse Oil Painting

I took a smaller 8"x 10" painting of this tree (archived
in December 2006 of this blogspot)...and decided to do
a much larger canvas. I made the stretcher frames from
2"x 4"s cut diagonally lengthwise.

I incorporated a reddish-orange undertone to cause what
Edgar Payne called, "color vibration" which he said all good
paintings require. It is an energy simulated with color that
feels like the light of nature, using various palette strategies
and undertones.

Though as large as it is...I set out to attack the canvas as if
I were painting on location. Putting out large piles of paint,
grabbling much larger brushes...and getting quite physical
with it. I will update as I have more progress to share...

Do click on the image to see a larger view...


Jo Castillo said...

Larry, this looks like both fun and work. Will be pulling up my chair to take a look now and then.

Dean H. said...

Good going, Larry! I'm a big fan of the colored toning of the canvas and the resulting color vibration. I'll keep an eye on this one.

Jason Seiler said...

Wow, this is really cool Dad, I love that orange popping through . . . makes me want to go out and paint!

Larry Seiler said...

Thanks Jo...this has been fun. Something about working large just feels more like painting. You get pretty darn physical with it, that's for sure.

thanks Dean...hope you'll not be disappointed in how this progresses...

Thanks Jason...not sure in the end how much orange will ultimately pop through. Enough to hint and help the color vibrate...

The painting isn't just a statement on color vibration, but the narrative and scene are important in and of itself. We'll see how it progresses