Friday, December 21, 2007

Ready for the bird...

Well...brought the landscape part of this painting as
far as I think I want to bring it for now. Will let dry,
and then start cutting out newsprint mock-ups of
ruffed grouse in flight to study possible compositions,
poses, character.

I have a half-dozen sketch books of various wildlife
studies, and refer to those old sketches for ideas of
ruffed grouse.

I DON'T just copy old sketches, but use them to refresh
my understanding, knock cobwebs off my memory, and
redraw many many more. This gives me a sense of

I build them up with rectangles to represent the body,
then imagine the rectangles in various points of
perspective. To this I go thru the process of adding
body parts and considerations to feel right to my
understanding of the, some examples...


Kelly Toon said...

Hello Mr Seiler!

I found your blog via Jason's page. I admire his incredible ability and would one day love to take his Imaginism course. I see where he gets his inspiration! Your work is beautiful and very inspiring, makes me want to try some plein air stuff myself :)

Thanks for posting the quick grouse sketches. Personally, I find that stage of creation to be the most fun, jotting down ideas and studying references. The trick becomes, how to convey the same sense of spontaneity and energy into a finished image!

Best Regards,

Kelly Toon

Larry Seiler said...

thanks Kelly...for taking time to comment, as one gets a bit older I think, one loses some of the sense of urgency to prove oneself with their art. So, while some say they see some of the influence I've allegedly had on Jason, seeing the kid's juices rev up to be his best dusts some of the cobwebs off my own initiative. I think we feed off each other to some extent...though the future now belongs more to him, you and your generation up and coming.

thanks again

Linda Blondheim said...

I love what you are doing these days. Especially the bird sketches. Terrific.