Friday, October 12, 2007

Ruffed Grouse on Truck Hood..oil painting

Played with this earlier today with placement of a couple ruffed
grouse, this one painted on the hood of the old 1947
Ford truck...

...then after working up some sketches, decided to paint the
distant left bird like this...

not too detailed, not too prominent...there, but not
intending to gather too much attention. Should help
balance asymmetry better...and interest.

And is the end of the 3rd session...with some
work in the foreground and truck yet to finish-


Jo Castillo said...

Larry, the birds are a nice touch. Looking forward to the finish.


Larry Seiler said...

thanks much Jo

Jason Seiler said...

Looks great Dad! This is a cool truck, a ford . . . . hmmmmm? I remember a certain blue ford that we had that might make a good painting! :)

Larry Seiler said... nearly would be a classic by now...and who knows what grave yard its probably sittn' at today! the grouse then???