Monday, October 15, 2007

Finished now...1947 Ford Truck and Ruffed Grouse- Oil Painting

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Wanted to bring the truck and foreground closer, and
push the background back. Increased purer and warmer
color into the foreground grasses, and side of the truck
facing the light. Cooled a few areas in the background,
and think I'm pretty happy with it now.

Click on the image to see it larger. Feel free to contact
me on any information of the availability of any of my
work and prices...


Jason Seiler said...

Dad, this is amazing . . . really amazing! One of my favorites yet and the best truck piece I think. The color is intense, I know from how you paint that the color in your reference wasn't really even there . . . to be able to see and invision the way you do is something I desire in my work!

Larry Seiler said...

thanks Jason...

I guess a lot can be said for working on a larger painting, which when reduced to a small size for viewing sure can step it up and be impressive. The print industry long had wildlife artists working quite large, and then a print about half the size would be produced.

Sure appreciate your assessment of the work, makes me feel pretty good about it. I still have a blank 40"x 48" canvas sitting in my room...leading up to something hopefully soon...


Larry Seiler said...

I should mention that I was actually talking with Jason on the cellphone driving to Green Bay when I saw this old beau abandoned along the roadside. I did a still in hand describing to Jason I definitely had to get out and look at it!!! Maybe take some pictures.