Thursday, September 06, 2007

Plein Air Oil Landscape Painting- Last Hour River Light's been a little while, with school starting back up
in sesson, preparing for students, lesson plans and so
forth...but I've been chompin' on the bit to get out and
paint. Might be painting with my son, Jason...down in
Chicago this weekend. Take our gear somewhere
to paint outdoors, and didn't want to feel rusty!

A lovely light tonight. Premixed all my colors, value
driven...then turned loose on it.

8"x 10" oil on pumice/gesso birch panel-

Click on the image to see a larger view


Jason Seiler said...

Yeah, your a bit rusty! DaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAm GAAAt it!

Larry Seiler said...

well...when I stand there realizing I'm needing to think a moment about how I want to proceed, and find several arguments going on in my head, THAT'S when I know I'm rusty!!!

I was absolutely blown away how fast the light disappeared.

tanks moocho kiddo...!!!


Jo Castillo said...


Just enough detail to draw you in and enough mystery to keep you lookin'.


Larry Seiler said...

enough to keep me coming back for more too!!!! Thanks Jo...! ;^)

James said...

Yep, this is great. I love the way you show light versus shadow. The yellow really "pops" (as they say) next to to blue and purple.

Tim Bye said...

Fabulous - I almost have to cover my eyes from the sun! Really great

Larry Seiler said...

thanks James...Time :^) much appreciated