Friday, August 17, 2007

Two Plein Airs from Upper Michigan...this week

Had the pleasure of spending this week at our cabin just
15 minutes from the Marquette, Michigan area. A bit of
fishing, relaxing...and painting. Set up for this first painting
alongside our sauna, looking out over our dock, to the
West...the sun working its way down to end the day.

Also got to try out my new larger tri-focal glasses, which
I ordered to give my eyes better UV protection. As you can
see from this painting, I tend to paint often looking toward
the sun. Backlit subjects especially appeal to me...but the
possible damage from the sun is very real. Took a bit of
working with them to get used to them...reading glasses
from about midway down the lens, and clear above to see
out and over my easel. My encouragement goes out to
painters everywhere that paint outdoors, to seriously
consider getting a pair of glasses with UV coating to
protect your eyes. Even if you don't need them for seeing,
get clear glass with UV coating if need be.

First one... 8"x 10" oil...

This one I tried out a new panel available from French
Canvas...a hardboard or masonite panel with canvas
adhered. Very nicely made...

on the west shores of Presque Isle of Marquette, looking
14"x 18" oil

I used a modified palette...choosing to mix a midgray
neutral mud palette blockin of the masses, and then a
pigment soup or "mother color" that I pulled by some
degree into all my colors to imbue a natural working
color harmony.

I chose my mother color to be yellow-green, and a bit
of this then mixed into every color.


Jo Castillo said...

Larry, I love the light on the first and the calm soothing feeling of the second. Nice work.

I have lens implants from cataracts and have UV protection built in now. :) Thanks for the tip.


Larry Seiler said...

thanks Jo...appreciate the comments..

and goodness, lens implants with UV...
what a marvel science can be!

Candy Barr said...

love the sparkle of light on the water. nice site with your working tips. Thanks Larry.

Tim Bye said...

Wonderful work