Monday, July 16, 2007

Upper Michigan...Plein Air Oil Paintings- Presque Isle East Shore

Had a great time staying at our family cabin near Marquette,
and made sure I did a number of paintings...which I'll share

9"x 12" oil

This view (above) is looking down the east shore of Presque
Isle Park along Lake Superior south toward Marquette (upper)
Michigan...and here a pic of me standing on a tall rock bluff

9"x 12" oil

This view (above) is on the west side of Presque Isle,
again looking south toward Marquette...and I used a mid
gray neutral/mud block in approach as I did with the
first painting.

(Below) 11"x 14" oil on canvas-

When I arrived, I brought full rain gear, intending
to it was gray, drizzling and one can do
so with oils. As it turned out, about ten minutes after
setting up, the skies cleared and I had a gorgeous
backlit sunlight to inspire me. I used a split-comp
palette of blue-green (my dominant) and the splits
red and orange. Used a bit of gut hunch augmenting
as well...

Finally...this last one, another 11"x 14" oil on one of my favorite upper Michigan
haunts for fishing and painting. The Yellow Dog
river...and a lovely series of falls...this one of
the grand, "Bull Falls"....

all works are available for purchase, and if
interested please contact me to discuss and
work out details.... on any of the painting images to see
a larger version


Jason Seiler said...

Dad, these are awesome, I especially like the third one down, the water is perfect! Wish I could have been there with you guys.

Larry Seiler said...

tanks kiddo...wooda been nice iffn' ya wooda been der too! Weeda had fun!

Deb Kirkeeide said...

All very beautiful Larry. I agree with Jason, the third one down is my favorite. Not bad for planning to paint in the rain!

Larry Seiler said...

funny how weather will go...and this makes working with nature and its moods quite interesting, and painting fun! Thanks Deb for time to comment... much appreciated