Monday, July 09, 2007

Plein Air Landscape Painting- Jackson, WI "Dusk Fields"

9"x 12" oil

Out jogging visiting my son, last night there...quite
hot, in the 90's and humid. Saw this spot which put
a bit more energy into my step to get back and shower,
then return to paint.

I have a quick paint event coming up last week of this
month in Door County, Wisconsin. Well actually the
whole week is an invitation for 39 artists full of events
pertaining to plein air, auctions and exhibitions to
follow. Only had one hour time to paint this, but thought
it would be good practice for that quick paint event.

Used a midgray neutral mud block-in which I have been
favoring and using a good deal lately. Seems to really
get the gut hunch off right and much happens quickly.


Dean H. said...

Great job on these last two! Outstanding foliage on those trees.

Larry Seiler said...

much appreciated, thanks Dean...

René said...

Wow Larry, this could be Holland, and the other England!
Are you not jogging around a bit too far?

Nice very very nice!

Larry Seiler said...

haha...well then, I'd feel right at home painting over there!!! 8^)

thanks Rene...appreciate the look-see and comments


bj said...

"mid-gray neutral mud"??? I've used the sludge at the bottom of the solvent jar and that's what I've been calling it. Since it has all the pigments from all my paints, it's a great block in color.

I love this 1 hour painting!

Stephanie N. said...

wow! i can feel the humidity - no wait - i think i left the window open! but seriously, it's spectacular - and in an hour is a testament to all your hard work and hours in the fields!!! my package arrived late yesterday (dear readers - i won the three alaskan 5x7s because you all forgot to bid!!!) will open today (i'm behind on many levels!) and email my report and the news of my unsurpassed delight - now get back to painting!!!

Larry Seiler said...

thanks bj...

hahaa...good to hear they arrived, Stephanie. Good condition I hope. Should look nice in some small frames.

I have taken a moment to check things online...raining hard outside, but hoping yet to return to some more painting along the Lake Superior shores...will post when I return home.

Muffin said...

this is so peaceful and beautiful. Lovely colors and the shape of that tree is perfect. :)

Larry Seiler said...

thanks Muffin... appreciated! 8^)