Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New Project...State Warden Glassing Hunters...Oil

I've been honored to attend as guest artist to our
state's annual Department of Natural Resources
Warden's convention. A three day affair with
seminars for wardens...but my end, a banquet on
a Monday evening. My wife and I are being put
up in a motel for the night, and should be much

I'm working on a 30"x 40" canvas painting, which
I started tonight. Here is as far as I got...

and, a friend of mine...and father of one of my
high school art students being a state warden
allowed me to take all kinds of reference pics
and was nice enough to pose. Here was one
of those pics I took earlier this afternoon...

His only suggestion and request was that I not make
the warden painted look like him too much. This
painting may likely go into print, and it was his
feeling not many other wardens or interested buyers
would want someone they know...(a co-worker) on
their wall. hahaaa....

Easy enough...I gave the guy dark hair, making him
a bit younger than as well.

I'm using a plein air painting as a reference for the
landscape...which I posted in the blog here this
past March 27th...

The big convention is on the 25th, so this has to
be done and pretty much dry. Good thing I have
my Garrett's copal medium for that!

I'll post progress pics as this one goes along...

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