Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Last Night's Effort to paint the moment...oil

had a full day yesterday, finishing up recording a third song
for my new acoustic guitar CD, "Wilderness Wanderings"...
then fried up some fish for dinner that a friend and I caught
the day before. About 7:30pm I get the idea it might be fun
to get out and paint...at 7:45 I jump in the truck and take off
and am painting by 8pm...

Not a lot of time did I leave myself, but knowing so... electing
the approach becomes critical. Reading nature and just
knowing what can reasonably be accomplished versus what

I actually compare this moment of deciding before painting to
that decision making a good golfer makes before striking his
ball...standing back and trying to determine what club to use,
where the target for the ball to land is, how to play the hole.

here is the link if interested, the virtual artist's community


The funny part was, after I did my blockin for this painting
last night...I went to pull my glasse's case out of my pocket,
but my glasses were not in it. I left them by the computer.
That is all explained too in the thread link above....



Jo Castillo said...

I really enjoyed your analogy of painting to golf. We golf nine holes about 3 times a week. Walk and chase the ball. Husband shoots about 45 or so and I consider 54 my par. Remember it is nine holes and we are old as dirt. I do think both golf and painting are great stress releases for the mind. You concentrate on the finish and use your experience to get there. Your mind relaxes and you have a pleasant time with no thoughts of problems in other areas. You enjoy the moment and hopefully have great results.
Thanks, Larry.

Larry Seiler said...

its a great game to be sure, and there are reasons some play as well as they do...and the golf magazines bet readings are dying to know what they are! Same with painting...

thanks for commenting, Jo...
good exercise too!! Keep it up...