Monday, October 02, 2006

Small Bottle Copal Medium...

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5"x 7" oil

Set up a simple incidental object to start
out my painter's workshop on Saturday.
This one began as a reddish undertone
with turps...then a greenish overtone
was brushed on using medium, then
wiped off... this point the bottle and cap were


Jason Seiler said...

Pretty cool Dad, but what a waste of copal!

Larry Seiler said...

hahaha.....yeah, know whatcha mean!!!

quite a somber mood painting, yet I liked the effect...

take care! ;^)

Paintdancer said...

Oops, Call the Superfund Clean-up patrol! HAzardous waste spill!

Larry Seiler said...

haha..well, hopefully they don't see much difference between a bit of small spill off a painting as on, or its a very small step for most of my paintings to be declared hazardous!!! 8^)

ParisBreakfasts said...

Lovely painting Larry. I came here by way of DailyPainters.