Thursday, September 14, 2006

Threw a bit more paint...

7"x 5" oil...

Literally had a bit of paint left...and
grabbed one more panel before leaving my
studio/room for the day. This is of a
waterfalls about 40 miles east of my
home called, "Twelvefoot Falls"...and I
have often painted there. I wanted to
suggest a late afternoon fall day, with
distant background getting nailed by sun.

An effort for mood in this gestural...

I have given some thought that next time
out painting, I'll try a quick 5"x 7"
gestural focusing solely on a particular
mood...then get into my larger plein air
effort after that. Will be interesting
to see how that might affect the course
of my painting.


Paintdancer said... be able to paint outdoors and not die from heat prostration!

I love this blog and have come back often to enjoy your easy , loose style. One of these days, I'm going to try the red ground thing, too.

VH McKenzie said...

Just discovered you, Larry. I've clicked on a few or your past posts (only a few!) and find that I really like your loose, gestural paintings the best! Of course, I've only takena peek at all of your work, but I really like your handling of paint here. Very free, but still very "right". Know what I mean? Have bookmarked you and will return.....

Larry Seiler said...

Thanks to both of you, Paintdancer and vh mckenzie, so much appreciated. Very rewarding to have those that visit and understand something of the passion, the obsession and drive kindly leave a comment! Very encouraging!

Its an ongoing thing working itself out...more, then some more and more still... on and on... 8^)