Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Confrontation

oil 7"x 5"

much fun doing this one...and if anyone is
interested in seeing the set up and steps to
this, visit or copy this url into your browser-


David said...

Hi Larry! Really enjoying looking through your blog. This is a stellar one, to be sure! I cringe at skin tones but will have to tackle them one day, I suppose.


(aka dgilane on WC)

Larry Seiler said...

thanks much..
I use only a limited palette really..three primaries, white, Naples Yellow and sometimes viridian...

Its more about seeing...forgetting notions of what a thing is, but striving to see as a child new to the world for the first time as though everything is a wonderment.

A painting is fundamentally one stroke of color put down next to another (assigned its proper value) until no more spots are needed. The viewer's eye puts it together to read as you intend. Make nothing more complicated out of it then that. Observe...paint what you see. Forget flesh tones or special paints. Trust your eyes...and grow to get them to see more.