Monday, September 22, 2014

Results of the Shorewood Plein Air event...

Came up short on awards this time around, did sell one of my main event pieces which I was happy about.

11"x 14" oil on Raymar linen panel...
these two tunnels give access to Hubbard Park 

14"x 18" oil... "Bills Over Atwater"
oil on Century linen panel

14"x 11" oil on Raymar linen panel
"As Many As...quickpaint, downtown

11"x 14" oil on Raymar linen panel
"Ahead of the Front"...quickpaint Atwater Beach

This was a piece I did hours prior to turn in, and just didn't have time to take the work where I wanted.  Left it at what I call the "cutesy" stage...and another hour perhaps I would have destroyed edges and form, and rebuilt it.  Rendered the sculpture to a greater solid form...  14"x 18"

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