Saturday, April 19, 2014

Argonne...Mid-April...Still snow, NE Wisconsin

Went out to paint late yesterday afternoon...sun was out, trust read 36 degrees.  Not far from home here in NE Wisconsin.  Used my new iVue HD sunglasses camera...taking the lenses out to rest up on top of my reader glasses, which are down slightly so I can look over them.  Imagine it looks rather odd.

I am playing and experimenting with just how much to tilt the back end of the frames up to angle the camera down.  It is wideangle and panorama HD quality at 16:9 format...holds up to 16 gig of video footage.  I'll post the video might then want to watch at YouTube to expand its viewing size.

I use a nice HD quality video camera set on tripod for my videography painting, the camera aimed at the paint support...and folks have aired it would be nice to see the paint palette...mixing and so forth.  Its rather impractical to stop and angle the camera down every few playing with the possibility what the iVue camera offers might make for an inset footage.  Still...its fun and unique in that you observe where I'm looking during the process of painting.  

The video is a condensed eight minute 
video of a 50 minute painting... 9"x 12" oil on stretched canvas.  My palette is a modified mother color...what I call a neutral mud palette.

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