Sunday, August 04, 2013

Our Finnish Sauna Dockside...Plein Air upper Michigan

This is a 14"x 18" oil on linen panel...and forgot my easel/tripod...doggone it!  My wife posted a video I'll share...whatcha gonna do, ya know?  But...I painted regardless.  Limited my travels about Marquette area, but that is alright...the sun was pleasant this afternoon, and was charming on a tradition that has been in our family for over 50 years.  I have about a half-hour's of fixes to finish...some negative space holes in the pine foliage, and some branches...and brighten up part of the sky.  This was also done to demonstrate one of a half-dozen color palette strategies I use and teach with limited pigments.  Using such strategies stretches the possibilities so far and wide that you discover the limited palette used with knowledge is quite unlimited.  The color palette strategy for this one is called "pigment soup" or as Ted Goerschner called it, "mother color."

 is a link to the short video, my wife taking this and playing with me before I knew she was recording, teasing me about forgetting the tripod/easel...
forgot easel video

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