Wednesday, July 17, 2013

This weekend...our area Consortium/Guild's annual summer event..."Georgia On My Mind!"

Georgia On My Mind...Wabeno Arts Consortium

My concept I hope is apparent...painting the "O'Keefe" concept skull upon a western background...albeit my style painting a skull and background. The actual buffalo skull I have, I then painted the landscape. 

So, the skull sits on top of the painting to the left, the painting sits on top of the skull to the right...a parody, or brothers. The painting is 20"x 16" 

The event each summer features a well known past artist...two summers ago we started and it was Van Gogh..."Go Van Gogh"...last summer it was Picasso, "Colosal Picasso" and this year, Georgia O'Keefe "Georgia On My Mind"...and emphasis with her having been from Wisconsin. We have a 90 minute one act play tomorrow by an area school superintendent, Kim Odekirk...Saturday an all day event, all artist members of the consortium have made works to sell...for auction, including painting an actual skull decoratively. We will have food, tent set ups, music. I will be performing myself during the day. Should be much fun.

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