Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Four gouache works accepted into Randy Higbee Exhibition!

Was excited to receive notice that four of my five entrees were juried into the Randy Higbee exhibition...the piece that did not make the cut is the lower right, "Longtail Island"...

Very happy to be participating, to have four works juried in exceeds my hope...

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Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Larry,
Too bad about the spammers....I get that every now and then on my blog too and it's annoying.
Congrats on the Higbee show. Getting the 4 in has to have given you an awefully good feeling. That show is really coming up in the many artists I know who are involved with it now. The sales according to Higbee have been great so far and that's in this screwy economy....awesome.

Kudos again for getting your work in there Larry...well deserved!