Sunday, September 02, 2012

From a bit of music..

Those closest to me know I, like many artists...have two creative sides- the painter and the musician.  Long before I seriously picked up a paint brush, I was playing guitar...starting my junior year in high school 1970-71...

Over the years I have found that my spirit filled with the beauty of the world about me needs to communicate that...and painting most fulfills that need.  Then there are complexities of the world, wrestlings in my soul where the more common release is to turn it over to my guitar playing and song writing.  Here...I reflect, to understand.  The guitar just seems to play and speak first to me...and the words follow, near falling into place.

I had been frustrated, with the election coming up and sides begin drawn.  Facebook filled with growing tension...friends on this side, that side....and I'm not saying I don't have my opinions or inclinations...but I find my spirit lamenting the division.

I was on our deck two mornings ago very hot cup of coffee nearby, and my Taylor guitar.  Just wife still asleep...the birds singing, the world just waking up.  A fine guitar, like a fine wine...needs to breathe, and its aroma makes itself apparent.  The fingers found themselves in a groove, the chording fell into place, and before I knew it I had the rudiments of a song.  Shortly thereafter, I grabbed paper and pen...and words fell into place, and it really helped the wrestlings in my spirit find release with how I've been feeling... an mp3 link to my song, just worked out in my studio...I would say yet somewhat raw in its mix...called, "Can't Be the Only One!"  hope you'll give a listen...and enjoy...


song- Can't Be the Only One


Yorky said...

You certainly play that guitar Larry.

BTW the text on the RSS feed is white on white.


Darrell Baschak said...

Larry, loved your playing, well done. I also enjoy the early morning experience with a cup of coffee and my dogs on the deck watching the morning unfold. Although I am a Canadian I have been watching the politiking down your way with interest. I wish Canadians would take their elections as seriously as you guys do down south. Good luck, and keep up the amazing painting!

Larry Seiler said...

Thanks Doug...thanks Darrell..
much appreciated