Saturday, June 23, 2012

Nocturne- "Art Warrior" ...wins an Artist's Choice award

Artists, the ones I know to be good...consistently good, are some of the hardest working individuals I know.  Working thru the night burning the midnight candle to meet deadlines to accomplish what might take others 4 days or a week.  At events such as this, painting all day, every day for ten days...and into the night til 2-3am all in effort to perhaps paint that one...the one that will be celebrated, win awards...add to one's reputation, sell...with no assuredness of compensation, no promise of payoff.  Only one's dreams and self-motivation.

To be chosen, to have one's work judged worthy by such...your peers, is of the highest honor, and not lost on me.

My painting from life, a nocturne (painted at night with an artificial light set to one's palette and support), "Art Warrior" of artist/friend Jason Prigge won such an award last night at the Cedarburg Plein Air event.

It is no small effort, I was pleased with the outcome as it is one thing to paint a sitter from life in daylight or natural light...but to determine color and value and painting progress in less than ideal light, at night... (from 9pm til about 11:30pm) is simply a risk venture...oh, nothing to be lost but the time really, and exhilarating, fun...but as an artist is based on a hunch you feel you can pull this off.

Jason and I were enjoying a porter at a micro brewery, Silver Inn...out on the patio, a high overhead single lamp nearby, reflecting and relaxing over a long day's painting.  I'm sitting there when it hits me...and I say, "Jason....Jason...I see it!"  He is like, "...what?"  and I say, "my painting...I see it...!" 

My second entree, "Sweet Dreams" a 12"x 9" painting of the small town movie theater, Rivoli...sold last night.  In fact, I've heard over $33,000 worth of paintings sold just last night, so a very fine night.  The volunteers working very hard to keep up with the enthusiasm.

Today is the last of the competitions now, "Paint the Festival" where upwards to 125,000 people will come here for Strawberry Festival.  Parking will be a challenge, finding the right subject also a challenge.  I have it in mind what I want to paint...if I find it come together.

In a post note...this small work, ''Sweet Dreams" of the Rivoli theater sold night of the bidding and awards at my "buy it now" price.  Really like this piece, and was happy it would find a good home!  You don't always get to meet your buyers, and it was fun...very gratifying to see the enthusiasm this patron, goodnight and "Sweet Dreams!"

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