Sunday, May 20, 2012

Royal St Patrick's Golf Course...plein air 12"x 24"

Left early yesterday morning on my trek south to the Fox Valley, stopping over in the Green Bay area see if any spots along a particular view of the bay of Green Bay could be seen to possibly paint(?)...and two, to stop at Mr. Golf and compare some TaylorMade irons (as they have a range letting you hit demos).  The event I was ultimately heading to was Brush With the Wind put on by WIPAPA (Wisconsin Plein Air Association)...where I had four pieces juried in...but also, members were painting during the day around the area, meeting at 3pm for discussion and critique.

I opted just north of the Kaukauna area to get off the freeway when I spotted this long stretched Scottish style golf course to my east, about four miles before I could start searching for a frontage road.  Was an inviting layout, and thinking perhaps I might have to go down and play this course sometime.  Quite windy, setting up off my tailgate of my truck, parked facing the wind with the hard shell cap lifted to find some respite.  Attached an umbrella to the truck frame.  Hhhmm...should have took a photo of that, come to think of it!

Looking at my time, and about 17 minutes yet from Richesons, it was about 2:40 when I painted the sky (last)...about seven minutes tops...and so have a bit of touching up there, and sure you'll see it.  But, quickly put my gear away, sprayed my hands down with Simple Green and cleaned up...grabbed a frame I brought with, and quickly threw the painting in it, then hopped in the back of my truck and changed clothes for the event...and off I went.

Following our event...Anthony Sell, Wendie Thompson (featured below) and myself headed down to Menasha to experience and share in Julie Jilek's opening exhibition at the Wild Apple Gallery.  What an electric atmosphere that was, quite a few attending...and wonderful pieces of Julie's trek around Wisconsin's state parks...!!  Stop by and see it if you can...

Here below, Anthony is sharing with us...and no, not telling a "one that got away, fish story!" hahaa...

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