Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Washburn Falls...of the Popple/Pine River...Florence County

Great day this past weekend, traveling about 30 miles NE of my home into "use common sense" territory.  Actually...that was the fine print note on a post welcoming visitors to the dirt cul de sac end of this long dirt road in the national forests.  Wasn't likely to see anyone...the sign emphasized, so pretty much on your own...use common sense!
   Not good to scale and fall on rocks at this place...like so many isolated places really here in northern Wisconsin, which is one of the ways I like it...
   The moment, the mood of nature...can really speak to you as a painter...and, here shows my set up...looking at the head of this smaller falls...Washburn Falls...and with the sun glaring, painting looking somewhat toward the sun, had to set up my umbrella...

...and this gives you more idea what I was taking in from this position-

...and, my painting... 8"x 10" on senso linen...setting up background distant lit up masses to foil midground shoreline, and darker foreground...

Experienced deer, a pair of porcupines...a Tom turkey displaying in middle of dirt road on my approach...quite a day!

(as always, clicking on images brings up larger view)

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