Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Webinar...tomorrow night (Thursday) March 15th 6pm EST

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Imbuing Harmony & Unity thru Undertones

     with artist/instructor Larry Seiler

Undertones give the painter a great deal of creative freedom and license to the level of finishing of a work.  Less finishing…the painting has a more abstract contemporary flare.  Certain colors will complement or excite the palette.
I.                    Our Deficit as Painters of Light-     
a)           Edgar Payne’s analysis
b)           Undertones and how they excite
c)            Warm, neutral…or any color
d)           partial undertoning

II.                Video- “Last Light Impressions”
a)          Palette setup
b)          Composing & Mid Value block-in
c)           Sky trick taught by Emile Gruppe
d)          Sky Holes or Sculpting Trees
e)          Finishing…and assessing the experience

III.            Questions/Answers

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