Friday, March 09, 2012

For the Literal to the Suggestive...Go To Meeting, March 13th 6PM EST

Two sessions behind us is my progression as a painter from the more detail oriented developing suggestive realism.  I imagine will prove to be quite interesting for folks...

From Literal to the Suggestive
     with artist/instructor Larry Seiler

March 13th  6pm EST  Go To is the registration link-
Click here to Register Free...

                 Painterly realism or the suggestive invites the 
                 viewer to engage the work and participate in 
                 the narrative actively.  With its poetic brushwork 
                 and elusive nature (what some critics might refer 
                 to as the “unfinished look”) the painting borrows 
                 from the viewer’s own life experiences to read 
                 between the lines. In their reflection, frequent 
                 studying…their own imagination is called into 
                 action making them in a sense a co-creator to 
                 the work.
I.                    My Awakening      
a)           Burning out
b)           Indoors, painting what I loved about 
           being outdoors!        (the irony of labor)
c)            Smack dab into Schmid!
d)           The Turn around- prepping myself to respond/
           react to a genuine moment
e)           A Painting Speaks- metaphor on communication

II.                Taking Ownership
a)          From intimidation to control- Color
b)          The rudder and the anchor- Values
c)           Implementing the neglected Peripheral
d)          Brushwork…mastering the Gesture

III.            Demonstrations
a)          The Creeper
b)          Fumee Falls

     V.     Questions/Answers

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