Monday, February 20, 2012

Addie...gouache, finished...(I think...for now) 8"x 6"

okay...well, this is one of those examples I teach about where everyone is probably sure this refers to everyone else, but happens to me as well...painter, matter.

My piece this afternoon did not pass muster, (second piece below).  My grand daughter saw it, nineteen months...and I asked her once again who this was?  She once more said her cousin...whom lives in Chicago.

So...I painted the hair darker.  More her natural color not in bright warm light.  I fixed something that bothered me with the nose.

Pushing outside your comfort zone invite learning, and learning is built upon a measure of failure...

Churchill said it best, "success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm!"

so...I may have exhausted this time that which is known to me on this particular work to make it work to meet my satisfaction.

I like it...for what I succeeded to pull off...and will live to paint another day...

8"x 6"  Addie...(as it appears now)

earlier today...

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