Saturday, January 28, 2012

Kissing Clouds...the Mountains of Hatcher's Pass

Alaska is an enchanting wilderness...a painting urging to be painted at every turn.  This last summer, teaching a couple workshops north of Anchorage...was momentus.  Making new friends, meeting by "God'cidence" a cousin of mine (crazy, but true...signed up for my workshop!!!), and a fondness for Alaska that unless you experience first hand is difficult to really express.

This is a common scene, the coulds kissing peaks of mountains at so many turns, one you never tire of.  Shadows moving and painting the peaks...

4.5"x 9" gouache...on matboard... (click on image to see larger)

Available for purchase (unframed)
$275 plus $12 shipping/handling

Framed- (matted white or black, your preference, black wood frame)
$350 $35 Shipping (a crate will be made and insured) Overseas shipping would require additional charges (contact me)

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