Thursday, December 15, 2011

Five paintings...Three different media...can you pick 'em?

I receive interesting and appreciated comments from time to time, here in my blog, on various artist social virtual communities and so forth that will suggest that I own a certain medium, that is...perhaps paint best with, or a signature style that moves folks...(?)  They will say, "like your oils, but...this is definitely your medium"  ...and have received such comments even as recent as the first two honest efforts painting digitally.  (Howard Johnson below, more recent example).

To me, its all paint...and it all has to be pushed about or applied differently, and the fun of course is fleshing out how that comes necessarily to be for yourself.  What are the unique traits about a medium that is superior to others or comes up short?  What do  you have to do differently to accommodate the medium to get a result you've learned to do with another, etc...?

Here are five paintings that I have set aside for a gallery's interest.  I love their choice, I believe these are fine works of mine that I myself am fond of, the memories of where I was painting them, and so forth...but, for fun...there are three mediums used here.  One could go back and find each one and discover what medium I used...but if you play fair, just by looking...what would your guess be?  Two are oils...two are gouache, and one is acrylic...and as always, click on the image to bring up larger view...also, if you can...what distinguishes what you think represents one medium from another that might have brought you to choose what you did?  (now that's tough I think)....

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Helder Vieira said...

Hi Larry
I cannot escape the challenge, I suppose. My big mouth :)
So, Its more easy when you identify the media you used.
But, I always see your gouaches as more painterly done, bold and above all more impressionistic.
Sometimes you do that with your oils, I mean, more painterly done and with bits of color that looks more impressionistic.
So, I'll take the chance and see what I see:
The two paintings in the upper part are not easy for me to identify the medium, but they don't seem to be gouaches.
The big one could be a gouache, but it could be oils too, because your gouaches use to be a little bit brighter than this one.
The two little ones on the right seems to be gouaches more than oils: Look at the colors and brightness and above all its impressionistic quality.

Anyway, Great body of work!