Sunday, October 30, 2011

Webinar for Tuesday November 8th (session 5)- "Color, Values, Brushwork- Strategies to Improve Painterly Realism"

The last session of this series, will require EVERYONE attending Go To Meeting to register again.  The series was slotted to go thru the first of November, so your old registration after the first will no longer give access.  I will post the link to register here when I have it, on Facebook, on Wetcanvas...and hopefully everyone registered to this point will get notice in an email sent out from Sarah...

Its going to be a good session, and had an extra week to prepare due to the power outage week postponed.

Will be sharing the wisdom behind why many of the great teachers of the past, and many great painters today espouse using a limited palette.  How to expand what a limited palette of color is capable of incorporating even just a few strategies, and how your own understanding will be greatly increased. will understand the danger of buying and adding more and more pigments just because they dangle on a shelf in the art store.

We'll be looking at the importance of values which takes the feet right out from most poorly executed work...a managed values palette to assure optimum success til confidence soars...

and to attack, wield the brush, lay the pigment down, leaving well enough alone!!!

Look for the link...  :wave:

Here is the Outline-

Color, Values, Brushwork- Strategies to Improve Painterly Realism

     with artist/instructor Larry Seiler


            Taking control with deliberate purpose filled

                  strategies toward efficiency and effectiveness


I.                    The Poetry or Ah-Hah! of painting-      

a)           First step is to want more

b)           difference between “linear” and “painterly”

c)            Paint in a way that engages the viewer

II.                Color

a)          The discipline acquainting with values

b)          Split-Primary Palette (color temperature)

c)           Limited Palette (basic colors put out)

d)          Split-Complementary Palette

e)          Other palettes

III.              Painting Trees

a)          Block-in

b)          Limit yourself to limited value groups

c)           sculpt with negative space


Sharon Lynn Williams said...

Hi Larry: Could you please post your gouache palette -colour names and manufacturers?

Donna MacDonald said...

Hi Larry - thank you so much for offering these free webinars, your hard work pulling these together is greatly appreciated. I don't do many landscapes but the information is great!

Ida M. Glazier said...

I did get to see your last webinar and loved it. Your painting demo on the colored grounds was reallly up my ally. I have been using reds and pinks and sienna's and love it. I do pastles, on-site, and recently did a workshop plein-air with Bill cone who uses a purple ground( twilght) mitienties papter and also tobacco---both surprizingly good and easy to "see" it come together in the field. Really love yor work, your words, and paintings. Thanks for this really wonderful experiance and teachings. Ida

Tim Moore said...

Thanks for sharing your palette's for your work...really enjoyed it..(as an aside,i tried to leave feedback through the "thank you for attending the webinar" email i received this morning, but it came back as a bad address)

Ida M. Glazier said...

Larry, I guess now the webinars are over---I sure did get a lot from them, and think you did a really good job giving them. I could listen to you talk about the various things forever. I am envious of your students!!!! I really got a lot from them, even some validation--and also love your paintings and examples. Thanks so much!!!

Larry Seiler said...

thanks everyone appreciate the comments...nice to have a break albeit likely a short one, catching up on commissions, projects...and so forth. But looking forward to the next series.

The gouache palette is shared now on the Wetcanvas Live subforum of mine..