Sunday, March 27, 2011

Moodlin'...Online Virtual Art Instructional Sessions!

Just finishing up reading thru this near 350 page manual on Moodle...and you probably can imagine how fun reading manuals are!  I've downloaded the Moodle software to my server host, and going thru the necessary steps to build the site, its own separate website site.  A lot of options from lessons, workshops where folks can then go paint, upload their efforts and forums/chat rooms to discuss.  Interactive instructional sessions...using podcasts and power point or .pdf that are seen online as webpages...just many options.  Sessions would have me live, ready to field and answer questions...

With all that is happening in our state as concerns education, and the threat of the arts especially getting cut I'm looking to expand my options and opportunities as an art instructor.  That being hour or so sessions will have a fee, but small...and yet the content and scope of my workshops themselves that I travel and teach.  A nice way to sit at home in your 'jamas with a hot cup of coffee or preferred beverage and not worry about the costs to travel or attend a workshop.

Planning on breaking sessions down to pertinent specifics, or like chapters...the first on "Composition & Design for the Painter"...the next on "Setting Up & Using Color Palette Strategies"

So, while I haven't been painting up a storm of late, I've been busy equipping myself and preparing for this virtual instruction venture.

The sun is shining today...thirty degrees out, and so I will have to get out this afternoon to paint for sure!


Yorky said...

Best wishes with your endeavour Larry. I am sure many people who admire your work would contribute.

Larry Seiler said...

big learning curve right now, Doug...and as a painter, teacher I'd just like to teach, share...but have to become something of a programmer here, which is...ugh..