Thursday, December 30, 2010

Updates on my Artist's Website- !!!

*whew...!  I'm sure many know what is involved once that decision to add pages, update, prep images to your website is made...not to mention dusting off the ole "html" knowledge base...and while not completely finished, am happy to announce finally the site is worthy once more to represent me and my work!  

Old school design to some degree, but the time to learn fancy java scripting and all that is possible just doesn't fit with the irons in my fire right now.  I have added several "recent" plein air pages now, several in-studio painting pages as well, introduced a link  for my portraits and figures.  The first page of the recent plein airs has the hyperlinks working to bring up larger image views with descriptions, and takes me about 1-1/2 hours to do one whole page of will reserve time another day to work on finishing all that, but do hope my friends and visitors will take a moment to check it out.

The image above is hyperlinked to take you there!  Enjoy...


Helder Vieira said...

Hi Larry,
congratulations! As you know I follow your work, through your old weblog, for some years now.
I don't know you personaly, so I'm confortable to say this: I find you to be a true artist. I mean you are a true artist not only for your artwork, but yourself as a person.
There are people who understand that art is worth by itself, with no need to be supported by a speach or explanation, but for me that is not true or enough.
I find that is very important what an artist has to say about art in general, his or her position in the art world and about his or her work.
In the other hand and in my opinion, what an artist is as a person is very important to the artwork he produces.
So, there you are, climbing up that rope to the stars.
I wish you and your family a happy 2011 year.

John Stone said...

Man I love your work and your demos. Keep em coming and keep on Rockin

Helder Vieira said...

Hi Larry, just to keep you update, check this out:

Is not much, but, as a friend said, I keep on painting, attempting to look within myself and the reward is in the doing.
Now and then I get something that I can hang on the wall.

Happy painting

Larry Seiler said...

Have been quite busy past few days since updating my web. On the road yesterday and today. What a generous assessment Helder...and kind, thank you. Checked out your two links...very nice...very worthy! Thank you and may you enjoy a prolific growing new year...the same for which I seek! Great joy in that.

Thanks John..much appreciated and kind.