Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer About to Take Off Here...

The golf season for my high school JV athletes
rolls to an end, wrapping up with varsity.  Grading,
requisition of supplies for next year art classes,
semester testing.  *whew...but, in a little more than
a week here focus will reshift back to painting,
gearing up for workshops, performing gigs, working
on my next book, filming some plein air outings.

Last weekend...after taking down our hosted all
conference student art exhibition (about 120 pieces
of art)...I set up at a friends home in the Wabeno
area, Tim and Connie Friesen.  As a member of
the Wabeno Arts Consortium. It was the first of
our art soirees  or happenings of the season, where
taking advantage of the 10,000 tourists per day
that drive by, we set up about a half-dozen art
tents, a stage for playing music and foods.

A warm one...I left the back of my tent without
art, opting to have it open and a nice breeze-way.
Here I am sitting...working out some fingerstyle
riffs for new songs.  My cajon can be seen in its
gig bag behind me.  Was a tiring butt draggin'
day for me with all going on, but much fun as

Check out our consortium link above, and you 
can see Connie's unique floorscapes art, Dale's
pottery...Steve's paintings and more.  Follow
links provided there.  The guild or consortium
is a body of local friends intent to bring more
arts experiences to our northwoods.

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