Saturday, April 17, 2010

Strong Falls...South View- 9"x 12" oil plein air

9"x 12" oil...on pumiced gessoed gray neutral hardboard...

...and, here was my setup, sitting down on a rock face on this one.

Strong Falls is one of my annual favorite places to set up and paint, about 25 minutes from my home here in NE Wisconsin.  I have taught a number of workshops here as well, but never reserved the lodge.  I'm thinking I might do that from here on.  About $35 to reserve it per day...and right along the river/falls.  A nice overhang in the event of rain and can still paint.  Has electricity...could hold instruction inside as well, even plan a day's end meal.

...the overhang

The park has a rustic campground area for anyone interesting in camping and making a total north woods experience out of a weekend workshop.  Restroom facilities, water...and the park closes at 9pm with exception to campers...meaning it quiets down for a nice sublime peaceful experience.  

Some additional views-

The main falls...looking west...

Further west, beneath a footbridge...

Nice view north up river, (falls at your back)-

The park is about 10-12 miles from the town of Goodman, the nearest small town.  If interested in taking one of my workshops...might want to keep an eye on this one as I put plans in the works.


Gary Keimig said...

Great spot for painting and as you speculate a workshop. Bet it would be a winner.

Mick Carney said...

Wonderful spot and obviously a great inspiration for some of your beautiful waterfall pictures.

Julie Broom said...

wow, what a beautiful place! Truly inspiring.

xavier ieri said...

Hi Larry,
Oil, this time! Great painting!
Do you think gouache is suitable for plein air?
Whats the pros and cons?

About the place, it's wonderful.
Well, I've been doing a little research, but i'm not sure if I found the spot.
Anyway, here is what i've found:
So, you left Laona along the road towards the south and then turn on the left towards Blackwell.
In Blackwell, turn on the left facing North and about 200 m turn on the right again facing east.
Enjoy the ride through the forest and you will end up crossing the river bridge and traveling along of the North side of the river and there you are: Strong Falls, Silver Cliff!

Google earth is a wonderfull thing...

Larry said...

thanks Gary, Mick...Julie

haha...that's it, xavier...about 17 miles thru the back road can take the east/west highway 8 from Laona past Goodman, and there is a north/south dirt road that offers a bit less gravel and dirt, but it is nearly twice as long a ride for me.

As for gouache and oils...I'm feeling comfortable with both, but haven't come to see myself paint all that large with gouache. For one, even if I did the protecting and storage of the gouache there follows the proper possible matting, then glassing and framing. The smaller size gouache I can store in plastic sleeves and a binder.

I also think the inclination with gouache is I can be much more literal...that is with detail and building up, but I enjoy the softer blending, massing in...the pushing of paint around with the oils. teaching of workshops, I can't afford to get rusty with my oils, nor with content for my up and coming book...

take care