Monday, April 05, 2010

Strong Falls...14"x 11" plein air...on canvas

 Well...back to the classroom tomorrow, so had to take
my last day here and go to one of my favorite rivers and
falls to paint, Strong Falls on the Peshtigo River.  About
twenty-five minutes from home, and one I oft bring my
workshop students to paint as well...

Drove this one with my mid-gray neutral mud palette, a twist on the pigment soup or mother color strategy.  I took many pics of the development stages on this, as this particular palette is one I'll be including in my new book I am working on, 
"Painterly Realism-  Less is More!"

14"x 11" on canvas-

...and here, a photo to show the layout from where I stood...and you can probably tell why I like this location so much!

I put together a .gif animation of this work 
coming together at and
will provide the link here for anyone that
might be interested-
.gif animation on painting Strong Falls 


Mick Carney said...

Lovely image of a lovely place. I particularly like the range of colour in the water, lots of subtle shifts to enjoy. I also like the way you have brought forward the trees on the left with more intense chroma. Love it. Looking forward to the new book, will it be a hard copy publication or on CD?

Larry said...

Thanks Mick..

plans right now are to self-publish a soft cover book, giving me more control over content...and using Adobe In-Design. A horizontal format similar to Schmid's Alla Prima book, but slightly smaller in overall dimensions. We'll see where demand is...and where it goes from there, and if I'll need to approach a distributor.

SEILER said...

This is amazing!!!!! Really, really nice!

Larry Seiler said...

thanks jason... 8^)

For anyone interested, I added a link to view a .gif animation on this one coming together...end of post.

Stapeliad said...

Damn Larry this is good. I am going to try the pigment soup approach next time I go out painting. I'm still feeling my way around plein air, have learned a lot from you, thanks!