Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ruffed Grouse Society...Donation 24"x 48" acrylic

In the finishing stages of painting a pair of ruffed 
grouse in this panoramic view of the PikeRiver...
near Twelve Foot Falls of Marinette Countyhere 
in NE Wisconsin.

Once more, the featured and honored artist for
the northern Wisconsin Ruffed Grouse Society,
money going for habitat acquistion, management,
and so forth.

This one is 24"x 48"...

and a closeup of the grouse at its present stage
of the game..

I need to do more shaping of the wings for more correct
anatomy, and some darkening washes to bring the value
to a correct feel, yet the bird needs some distinction.

I'll be adding one more bird going away from the viewer and
more in the upper left side of the painting, going somewhat
toward the back stream..

I'll upload the finished effort...


Jeremy Elder said...

Great sunlight effect - it makes me want to squint.

SEILER said...

Looking great Dad!

Larry Seiler said...

thanks Jeremy....Jason..

always enjoy pushing the effects of light...