Sunday, March 14, 2010

Quinnesec, Michigan's Fumee Falls...12"x 9" oil Plein Air

Such a gorgeous day, and needed to do our
monthly grocery headed toward
Iron Mountain, MI...this afternoon. That's how
it is living in the north woods, about an hour to
shop a decent grocery, figured I'd
take my gear, stop and paint a plein air of
Fumee Falls, check out other possible paint
sites on the way.

This time of year, winter's snow melt adds to
the volume of run off or water supply, and
creeks, rivers are swollen. Best time to visit
the falls one is familiar with to paint.

My painting was photographed outdoors in light
and unfortunately I have glare, so will reshoot
it tomorrow during the day and repost...but I
think turned out pretty good.

Here was my set up...and the falls I was
looking at when I started out-

...and of course, what makes plein air fun
and challenging is that in short time, the
light shifts, moves...and you have a
completely different scene there in front
of you that now works as a reference
only, but the impression has to be locked
in the mind to finish up...

I started with a midgray mother color or
pigment soup...mixing up a gray and then
dragging a bit of that gray into each of my
colors to imbue a common color harmony.


Jeremy Elder said...

There is some great drama of light going on in this one. I continue to be amazed how much contrast and vibrance painting on black affords. Nice work!

Larry Seiler said...

thanks Jeremy...this one was actually painted on a grayed plus white acrylic gesso, and pumice added for grit and absorption...

Alina Chau said...


Larry Seiler said...

thanks Alina