Sunday, February 07, 2010

What song writers...musicians do! (at midnight)

Worked yesterday making up a 5 quart pot of venison chili...and getting the house ready for a superbowl get together with friends today...and last night, about midnight wouldnt ya know I get this song in my head...words, a prayer of sorts if you will.  Not wanting aspects of my failed humanity to harm others, be a detriment...a disappointment. 

Free of Me...for up and coming CD- "Wandering No More"

So...the words to "Free of Me" came, so did the fingerstyle feel on guitar.  This morning...had to run to my studio space and record, as raw as it was...something I can then go and work on.  The equivalent of a WIP or sketch working itself out to a finishing...


billspaintingmn said...

Larry, wow, that's really good!
To be able to express yourself
through music and painting has got to be a blessing.
What a gift. To 'mine' your soul
and find gems like this is.. well inspiring to me.
(I have a ululele, ha, and Mel Bay's book!)
But I could never do what you've
just done :)

Larry said...

thanks Bill..a life doing this makes never a dull moment, but one wonders if one had been able to focus on or the arts, perhaps more might have been accomplished as worldly goods or a living goes. But, for the sense of being connected, the joy...feeling you're not going to let yourself go thru life without trying to grab onto a fulfillment notoriety I suppose cannot guarantee..


Rettakat said...

I just found your song.. thank you, it resonates with me.

I dabble at painting, yet sometimes the need for "specific" words presses me to write something, or do an illustration with words.

I have followed you for years over at wetcanvas. On my blog, hope you don't mind that I listed you as my "favorite living artist".

It's not just your painting.. which to me is vibrant, fresh and alive. But it's your heart, and values and how you look at the painting as a way of worship...

So, just... thank you.