Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Portrait of my son Jason...Urban Mountain Man!

 9"x 6" gouache...

Last time my son Jason was home, he was playing
around wearing my coyote hat, the body and tail
trailing all the way down the back. Jason took
a pose like he was some kind of Mountain man..
but from Chicago...that would be an urban
mountain man, no?? hahaa...

Not finished...more work on likeness, those
tattoos...(holy cow!)...and will post it when
I'm finished..


René PleinAir. said...

Indeed Larry, those tattoos!!

You have to teach your son to stop drawing where the paper ends ;-) or give him some paper so he doesn't have to draw on his arm.

I like the gouache though, and never had thought you would go that far with it, ... did you?

Larry said...

thanks Rene...
like you, I paint routinely, quite prolific, and in a few months time have been able to put the brush to a good number of gouache now. Feel like its quite an intuitive medium for me.

As for how "far" I go with it...well, until there is some demand really or farther reaching opportunity for me, I imagine the oils will remain more my mainstay...my bread and butter so-to-speak.

Sure is nice to have options or even another line of work that might appeal to others that the oils do not.

I've painted with acrylics for 30 years but just too familiar, too bored I think with those...and I really like that matte look of gouache compared to that plastic look of acrylics...

JRonson said...

you are very good with gouache tecnhic, nice job !

Larry said...

thanks JR