Saturday, February 27, 2010

Jeremy's King... 10"x 6" gouache

My son Jeremy's King salmon...or 

photo ref taken at night, obviously
and made for some intriguing color
and rendering...

If interested in seeing five stages
of development from start to 
finish in a three second interval
animation, take this link-
Jeremy's King...

Jason suggested I should show a
photo of myself holding a couple of
these smaller gouache pieces to
give more a visual on their size.

I guess they must be smaller than
I myself think of them, but I know
what he's saying...forgive the look,
but just lounging around the house
watching the last day of Olympics,
and you can tell by the eyes, in 
need of a bit more sleep...


Teri C said...

Looks great! I especially like the GB Packer shirt :)
That salmon is so colorful.
Thanks for the development stages.

SEILER said...

This is rad!

Larry said...

thanks Teri..
we're Packer fans...attend home games at Lambeau...for sure. Well past time I get a few new shirts/sweatshirts myself...

thanks was a fun one. Strange really though I suppose, to be painting this small when one gets older. The eyes not being what they used to be...