Tuesday, January 12, 2010

6th in the Croal Hollow Creek series, 4"x 6" gouache

4"x 6"

Completed tonight...watching the Outdoor Channel,
(not quite plein air)...gouache on black drawing

Just really have enjoyed the scenery of this SW
Wisconsin area...as the title says, my sixth piece
of this creek area...

as always, click on image to see a larger view...

Most visitors probably notice I don't push sales on
my work all that often or with vigilence anyway. I
have a few galleries I work with...sometimes sell
online, and probably should market more...but, I'm
busy with my book, writing my next one, painting,
music...and its one of those "when I get some time"

Can't complain..sales of my work have been pretty
decent for how little I put into it, but...I have
an unexpected trip coming up here I have to make,
and decided I would test interest in my gouache
pieces possibly. So, I will add a Paypal buy option
for anyone that might be interested...

Since I won't be matting, framing and glassing and
will leave that up to your decisions...I'll give
what I think is a decent price for my work. The gouache,
being water soluble, will be mailed out protected in
ziplock bag, supported with a stiff support, etc., and
as said you may mat and frame as you see fit...

Click on my link to the right "gouache" to bring them all up
on one page. You can click on the Paypal button to see
its price, then back button if you are simply curious.


SEILER said...

Beautiful Dad!

Larry said...

thanks buddy...

Carole Baker said...

Larry, Your gouache paintings are beautiful. I'm really learning a lot from what you've said and just looking at your paintings on Wet Canvas. Thank you for sharing.